The external generator window

In this window graph data from files or the standard output of programs can be read in. The data has to be in one of the two formats that CaGe understands.

When reading graph data representing plane graphs of very different nature, finding good 2D and 3D embediings efficiently is especially difficult and the assistance of the user is asked. The user can keep embedding information contained in the data or take that information as a starting point for further refinement.
The embedding programs in CaGe are specialized on certain kinds of graphs, so if a new embedding must be computed, the user has to describe which shape he would expect the graphs to have in order to give a hint which embedder should best be used. The user has to choose whether the expected threedimensional shape is

  • rather flat
  • rather spherical
  • rather tubular

Furthermore the user can increase or decrease the number of steps of the embedding routine.

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