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CaGe V0.3

Main program loop and external programs

The figure shows the main program loop. The option window can be one out of five different option windows, one for each graph generation program.

Data flow during graph generation

For each graph generation process various external programs are called. The figure gives an overview. Each arrow indicates data flowing from one program or file to another. In the figure , programs are indicated by either their names or by "pipe" and surrounded by double--line rectangles while files are indicated by either their names or their contents and surrounded by single--line rectangles. During one graph generation process, some temporary files named "CaGex.tmp" are created (where x= 1,2,3). These files can be deleted after a generation process has finished. The same holds for other temporary files which might be created by graph generation programs (e.g. tubetype).

The program spring computes 3D representations and the program spring computes 2D representations. The programs RasMol and GeomView are used to show the 3D representations on the display. The pipe connects CaGe with another external program which receives the adjacency information. This program can be chosen by the user.

If you click the "Quit"--button in the main window while a graph generation process is running, not only CaGe, but all external programs which CaGe has called will be stopped simultaneously. The only exceptions are:
  • GeomView must be stopped by the user.
  • The pipe program is not stopped automatically. However, the pipe is closed, and this usually means that the pipe program will finish soon.
  • If you click the "Go to background"--button while a graph generation process is running, then RasMol will be stopped ( if running) and the Schlegel output window will be closed (if open) so that no more graphical output is supported (furthermore, the output panel will be closed). However, the graph generation process will continue in the background, and CaGe will continue writing output into the destination files or into the pipe. As soon as the graph generation program will have finished, CaGe will be stopped. If you click the "Go to background"--button while no graph generation process is running, then CaGe will be stopped as if the "Quit"--button had been clicked.