CaGe V0.3  

  • Introduction

  • Tutorial --- Tour de CaGe

  • Main program loop and external programs

  • The graph generation programs

  • Fullgen

  • Tubetype

  • HCgen

  • CPF

  • Input file

  • RasMol

  • Codes

  • Internal constants

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  • Status of the project and of these pages

    Thanks for taking a look at CaGe. The "Introduction" page will tell you what CaGe is about.

    The C&Tcl/Tk version described here and these pages themselves have been authored by a previous member of the project team. We are currently redeveloping CaGe as a C&Java application and eventually hope to offer an "instant" applet version as well, giving you a peek at some not too large results straight in your Java-enabled web browser.

    It's there! The Java application has now been released. Try to install and run it from the download page on the new website. Please tell us how you get on!

    The C&Tcl/Tk version works quite well under several UNIX varieties, but we are aware of some difficulties that users have had compiling and using the program. You are encouraged to try it if you are interested, and we will support you as best we can. If you would rather wait for the new version, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter. You will then receive email notices about significant developments of CaGe. We will of course never use your email address for anything else (or pass it on to anyone).

    Some examples generated by CaGe V0.3 and animated with GIFMerge :
    Fullerene 200
    C 100 H 52
    Tubes p5 s0 l8
    C 400 H 42 Pent. 2
    C 400 H 38 Pent. 3
    C 408 H 30 Pent. 4
    C 36 faces 5,9
    The 5 regular polyhedra

    Problems? Bugs? Contact Sebastian Lisken.

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    Forschungsschwerpunkt Mathematisierung: "Strukturbildungsprozesse"