cage Contains the main classes for the Java GUI of CaGe.
cage.embedder Contains several embedders written in Java that can be used with CaGe.
cage.generator Contains the panels used to configure the different generators in CaGe.
cage.utility Contains a set of utility classes used for the configuration of the generators.
cage.viewer Contains the different Viewers that can be used in CaGe.
cage.viewer.jmol Provides an interface to Jmol that can be used to visualize graphs in CaGe.
cage.viewer.twoview Contains the classes needed for TwoView.
cage.writer Contains several writers which can export a graph to a certain format.
lisken.systoolbox Provides a set of system utility classes used on several places in CaGe.
lisken.uitoolbox Provides a set of GUI components used on several places in CaGe.
util Provide utility class for returning a processed system property.