CAAGT Seminar 2016-2017

For questions, please contact Carol Zamfirescu at Speakers are affiliated with Ghent University, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Date Time Location Speaker Title
17/03/2017 13h30 - 14h30 S9, V2 Gunnar Brinkmann A canonical form for trees
31/03/2017 13h30 - 14h30 S9, V2 Kris Coolsaet Spherical quadrangulations
28/04/2017 13h30 - 14h30 S9, V2 Nico Van Cleemput Type-0 triangles
18/05/2017 15h00 - 16h00 S9, V2 Carol T. Zamfirescu Non-hamiltonian Regular Planar 3-Connected Graphs
13/06/2017 10h00 - 11h00 S9, V2 Pieter Goetschalckx Double chamber operations
14/07/2017 13h30 - 14h30 S9, V2 Dieter Mourisse 3D embedding of nanojoins
31/07/2017 10h30 - 12h00 S9, V2 Stan Schein
UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
The relationship of caps carved from icosahedral fullerenes with Goldberg indices a,b to nanotube indices n,m and consequences for bonding patterns
11/08/2017 11h00 - 12h00 S9, V2 Andreas Schmid
MPI, Saarbr├╝cken, Germany
Computing Tutte Paths
14/09/2017 11h00 - 12h00 S9, V2 Maho Yokota
TUS, Tokyo, Japan
On a problem of Togni on (1,1,3)-colourings