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Computers in Scientific Discovery III - Programme

Keynote Speakers

Olaf Delgado-Friedrichs:
Isomorphism testing for periodic graphs and its application to structure enumeration in crystal chemistry

Andreas Dress:
Visualization Software for Scientific Discovery in Toponome Research

Pierre Hansen:
Automated Comparison of Graph Invariants

Adalbert Kerber:
History and Progress of Structure Enumeration in Chemistry

Brendan McKay:
Isomorphism and Automorphisms of Combinatorial Objects

Neil Sloane:
The influence of the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences on research

Schedule (Draft)

Monday 6 Tuesday 7 Wednesday 8 Thursday 9
8.15 Registration (A3)
8.45 Welcome (A3)
Chair: Tomaž Pisanski Chair: Eric Breimer Chair: Martine Labbé Chair: Arnout Ceulemans
9.00 Keynote speaker:
Brendan McKay
Keynote speaker:
Adalbert Kerber
Ali Reza Ashrafi Keynote speaker:
Andreas Dress
9.30 Tomaž Pisanski
10.00 Anthony Labarre Sanja Narancic Adriaan Peeters Mircea Diudea
10.30 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
11.00 Ghorban Ali Moghani Harald Gropp Hadrien Mélot Tibor Tarnai
11.30 Wendy Myrvold Mathematics (V2) / Conjecturing (V3)
Round tables
Chemistry (V2) / Software (V3)
Round tables
Bio (V2) / Education (V3)
Round tables
  Mikhail Klin
12.30 Free time/Lunch Gilles Caporossi Free time/Lunch Free time/Lunch
13.00 Free time/Lunch


14.00 Prop. 7th Framework? (V2)
Chair: Wendy Myrvold Chair: Veerle Fack Chair: William Kocay
14.30 Dieter Gernert Erwin Lijnen Vincent Moulton
15.00 Brenda Latka Sean Daugherty Jack Graver
15.30 Eric Breimer Patric Östergård Informal Discussion
& tea
16.00 Informal Discussion
& tea
Informal Discussion
& tea
16.30 Keynote speaker:
Neil Sloane
17.00 Keynote speaker:
Pierre Hansen
Poster session
18.30 Conference Dinner


Ali Reza Ashrafi:
On Symmetry and Topological Indices of Fullerenes

Eric Breimer:
Clustering the Protein Databank

Gilles Caporossi:
The new developments of the AutoGraphiX system

Sean Daugherty:
A Fast Exponential Algorithm for Computing the Closed-Shell Independence Number of Fullerenes

Mircea Diudea:
Supra-Faces in Nanostructures

Dieter Gernert:
A Knowledge-based System for the Support of Graphtheoretical Proofs

Jack Graver:
Fullerenes and the Problems of Thomson and Tammes

Harald Gropp:
Conjectures on Configurations

Mikhail Klin:
Computer Algebra Experimentation in Algebraic Combinatorics

Anthony Labarre:
Graphs, permutations and sets in genome rearrangement

Brenda Latka:
Using LINK for Research on Tournaments: A User's Experience

Erwin Lijnen:
Topology-Aided Molecular Design: The Platonic Molecules of Genera 0 to 3

Hadrien Mélot:
The Evolution of GraPHedron

Ghorban Ali Moghani:
Q-Conjugacy Character Tables of Some Chemical Molecules, An Application of Combinatorial enumeration of isomers

Vincent Moulton:
Phylogenetic Networks from Multi-labeled Trees

Wendy Myrvold:
Fuigui: A Graphical User Interface for Investigating Conjectures About Fullerenes

Sanja Narancic:
From CID Threshold Measurements to Kinetic and Thermodynamic Information

Patric Östergård:
On the Steiner Quadruple Systems of Order 16

Adriaan Peeters:
The Graph Investigation Framework

Tomaž Pisanski:
Representations of graphs

Tibor Tarnai:
New Results in Constrained Circle Packings


Rene Boel:
Distributed fault detection: model-based versus AI approaches

Mathieu Bogaerts:
Permutations Arrays and Isometries of Sym(n)

Miroslava Cimráková:
Search Algorithms for Maximal Partial Ovoids and Minimal Blocking Sets in Generalized Quadrangles

Jan Degraer:
Generation of Association Schemes

Mircea Diudea:
Covering nanostructures by map operations: CageVersatile Software

Eveline Hoekx:
Mining Tree Queries in a Graph

Gašper Jaklič, Tomaž Pisanski:
Visualizing Cauchy's Interlacing Property for Line Distance Matrices

Claudia Justus:
Numbers of Faces in Disordered Patches

Mahmud Tareq Hassan Khan:
Can Multiscale Modelling Explain the Un-natural Interactions of HIV-1 TAR-RNA with Human Transcription factors?

Jean-Luc Michel:
Simplicial chains and the tetrahelix

Ghorban Ali Moghani:
Q-Conjugacy Character Tables of Some Chemical Molecules, An Application of Combinatorial enumeration of isomers

Sanja Narancic:
From CID Threshold Measurements to Kinetic and Thermodynamic Information

Dragan Stevanović:
Graph theory education with newGRAPH

Joost Winne:
Construction Techniques for Incidence Structures

Round Tables

Gilles Caporossi:
Conjecturing round table

Kris Coolsaet:
Computer science: Aligning efforts in software development

Ermelinda Delavina:
Teaching Mathematics

Susan L Epstein:
Discovery in Bioinformatics

Reinhard Laue:
Chemistry round table

Patrick Fowler and Horst Sachs:
Mathematics round table: Graph theoretical methods in carbon chemistry (benzenoids, fullerenes, etc.)